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Volume 103, Issue 2 p. 62-75
Peer Reviewed

Piloting proactive, advanced leakage management technologies

First published: 01 February 2011
Citations: 12


Even those utilities that practice ongoing leak detection and repair are often thwarted by the return of leakage levels soon after repair work is complete. The “find-and-fix” nature of a traditional leak detection and repair program does not address the cause of most leakage. The Philadelphia (Pa.) Water Department undertook a pilot project to assess leakage occurrences holistically and implement new approaches, such as advanced pressure management, to shift to a “predict-and- prevent” mode of operation. This article describes an effective approach to infrastructure management that has potential for water utilities to control unnecessary leakages, reduce water withdrawals from water resources, and better sustain existing infrastructure at a fraction of the typical cost for infrastructure replacement.